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Philips HR2291/41 Blender

Sosyal medyada paylaş!

I will share with you about the Philips HR2291/41 Blender 3000 Series detailed review. Because many people trust the Philips brand. But what I will tell you is that the Philips brand is not fair to some countries. One of those countries is Türkiye.

Philips sells its products in the Turkish market. Moreover, it is not too difficult. Because trust in the brand is at a high level.

I researched some spare parts that can be integrated with this blender manufactured by Philips. One of these spare parts is the meat chopping knife and hopper. Another was the seed and kernel grinding piece. (Philips HR2291/41 Blender)

I could not find these parts I mentioned in the stores offering service in Turkey under the name of Philips Store. I found out it wasn’t sold. I called Philips Türkiye authorized directorate regarding this issue.

I saw that the Turkish representation of Philips company was in a deplorable state. I have dealt with incompetent people. I made sure they were ignorant about spare parts. But another detail caught my attention. They also do not know the features of the products on sale.

What I’ve been through has taken me by surprise

Is Philips CEO aware of this situation? I sent a Direct Message to the United States Philips official via Twitter (X). I also sent the same message directly to the Dutch official, but they also forwarded it to the Turkish representative. Thus began an incredible vicious cycle.

So what’s the result? The result is complete frustration. I have lost all trust in the Philips brand. I also have a Philips branded Smart TV, vacuum cleaner and kettle in my house. I will never, ever buy the Philips brand again. (Philips HR2291/41 Blender)

In the meantime, I prepared a video in Turkish about the product. There is also the option of subtitles in different languages. If you want to watch it, you can find it on my YouTube BilgiSibi channel by clicking on the image below.

Kind regards.

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